Repte video-jocs

day 01 your favorite game
day 02 the last game you played
day 03 your favorite graphical adventure game
day 04 your favorite survivial – horror game
day 05 your favorite FPS game
day 06 your favorite comedy game
day 07 your favorite platform game
day 08 A game that makes you happy
day 09 A game that makes you sad
day 10 A game that you know practically the whole script of
day 11 Your favorite game director
day 12 Your favorite game from your childhood
day 13 Your favorite arcade
day 14 A game that you used to love but now hate
day 15 Your favorite quote from any game
day 16 the first game you bought
day 17 the last game you bought
day 18 the best game you played the last year
day 19 a game that disappointed you the most
day 20 your favorite female character
day 21 your favorite male character
day 22 the most overrated game
day 23 the most underrated game
day 24 your favorite character from any game
day 25 favorite edutaiment
day 26 a game that no one would expect you love to
day 27 a game that is a guilty pleasure
day 28 a favorite classic game
day 29 game with the best soundtrack
day 30 a game that changed your opinion about something
day 31 your least favorite game

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